Occupational Therapy

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I have been the occupational therapist for the South Kingstown preschool program since 1993. I work for the special education department and provide services to help children develop their motor skills, independence in self-care and sensory processing skills. Read more about preschool occupational therapy below.

At Hazard School, I work with the classroom teachers to support childrens motor and sensory development. We believe that children learn best when they are surrounded by typically developing peers. For that reason, I provide occupational therapy services in the preschool classrooms while the children are working alongside their peers. I work with children with special needs to address their IEP goals, but I also support all of our preschool students to improve their performance.

Once weekly each class comes to the sensory motor room for large group activities. I develop three motor stations each week to coincide with the thematic unit and address the IEP goals of students attending. The activities are designed to be fun and developmentally appropriate for all kids. Our goal is for each child to participate in each station and give his or her personal best effort. The classroom teacher and teacher assistants also participate in all groups. The program is very structured and organized to maximize each childs performance.

I welcome all parents to visit us in the sensory motor room! Please call to let me know when you can come by! I promise you a fun time!!

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