PM Newsletter

PM Newsletter

Project: Summer
Question of the Week: Which kind of ice cream is your favorite?

Choice Time Centers

Dramatic Play- Going to the Beach!
Sensory Table- Shaving cream and textured rollers
Writing Center-Ocean stencils
Art Activity-Coloring ice cream cones
Block Center-Legos cars and trucks, tracks, trains
Math Center-Geoboards
Science Center- We will look at a horseshoe crab.
Small Group-The children will pattern ice cream scoops, cut on curvy lines and draw a picture of something they will do over the summer.
Circle Time

Books:M-Fidgety Fish,T-Clifford and the Big Ice Cream Mess, W-The Night Before Summer Vacation
Songs: Children's choice!

Group Activities
Tuesday-Sensory Motor Group with Ms. Sharon
Wednesday- Language Group with Ms. Donna

Parent Reminders
Ice cream party will be on Tuesday, June 19th at 10:45 for the AM
and 2:30 for the PM!  
Last day of school will be on Wednesday, June 20th!
Have a wonderful summer!